Interview with Dr Alberto Monje | Sepa Congress 23

Explains the topics of research in peri-implant health

Dr. Alberto Monje, a specialist in periodontology and implants,  was interviewed by Maxillaris magazine in July during SEPA (Spanish Society of Periodontology) Congress in Seville, Spain.  He explained the research currently carried out regarding the prevention of peri-implantitis and the progress that Ticare is doing in this regard. Full interview to Dr. Alberto Monje is available in this link.

Predicting is one of the keys to minimize the risk of peri-implant pathology

One of the clear axes that Ticare determined more than a decade ago is to anticipate the events that were coming. This is the case of this “tsunami” of peri-implantitis that we have currently been able to identify.

Predicting, one of the keys to minimizing the risk of peri-implant pathology

One of the main issues that Ticare determined more than a decade ago was to anticipate the events that were about to come.

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Ticare at SECOM Almería 2022

Ticare participated at the congress organised by SECOM CyC (the Spanish Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Head and Neck), that took place in Almeria, Spain.

At the exhibition, Ticare presented new products launched along the year as Ticare Perio Hybrid, the hybrid implant for the periodontal patient, and the TCP Prosthetic abutments together with the scientific studies carried out to certify them.

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Dr. Hom-Lay Wang - conferencia Sepa 2022

Dr. Hom-Lay Wang conference sponsored by Ticare in SEPA 2022

Dr. Hom-Lay Wang gave a conference sponsored by Ticare focused on management of peri-implant complications.

Dr. Wang began by recognizing predisposing and precipitating factors associated with peri-implant complications, helping dentists to learn how to prevent future implant complications, and how to select proper treatment for different implant complications. Dr. Wang shared recent research findings of how restorative designs influence the incidence of implant complications, as well as the mechanisms of how implant bone loss and implant failure occurred at the conference, especially demonstrated how to manage implant biological complications using EP-DDS guided bone regeneration protocol.

Dr. Wang also highlighted Ticare Perio Hybrid implants: “Ticare Hybrid implants concept is what I have talked for more than 10 years, which with the polished collar to compensate for the supper crustal tissue at the region, so called biological width. When you have that space, the soft tissue attaches to it,

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Ticare in SEPA Malaga 2022

Conferencia Ticare de Hom-Lay Wang en Sepa Málaga 2022

Ticare has had an outstanding participation at The periodontology and oral health congress organized by SEPA.  As a Strategic Platinum partner of the event, Ticare has sponsored one of the main symposioums about Implants and offered 3 relevant conferences. Also, Ticare Perio Hybrid, the implant for the periodontal patient, was the main attraction for periodontist.

As Platinum partner, Ticare sponsored the Incorporation of technology for decision-making in implant therapy following tooth extraction Symposium that was chaired by Dr Vanessa Ruiz Magaz. Within this Symposium, Dr Nicola Discepoli gave a presentabion about Diagnosis using new technologies of dimensional changes following tooth extraction and implant placement.; Dr Ignacio Sanz presented  Reconstruction of soft tissue in post-extraction implants and in edentulous areas, and Prof Hom-Lay Wang gave a lecture about Bone regeneration in post-extraction implants and in edentulous areas.

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Ticare fosters Tissue Caring

Tissue Care Philosophy is now Tissue Caring

Six years after the launch of the brand, Ticare’s philosophy Tissue Care Philosophy adopts a new name that synthesizes our continuous work taking care of tissues.

In 2016, on its 20th anniversary, Mozo-Grau launched Ticare brand to the market. It is the acronym for Tissue Care Philosophy based on four pillars: implant-abutment connection, integrative surface, delicacy in the drilling sequence and traceability of the whole process.  These principles are embodied in its flagship, Inhex implant, which showed the absence of gap in the implant-abutment connection as per a study published in 2013.  That same year, Ticare’s total traceability system thanks to a unique ID number given to the implant, took the name of Genetic.  It makes references to a perfect product traceability and the quality verification of 100% of the production.

Tissue Caring represents Ticare’s constant work: 26 years caring for tissues

Since the launch of Ticare brand,

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“Red Sessions Surgery Day” | PerioCentrum

PerioCentrum has collaborated on the occasion of a residency with Ticare Implants in the “Red Session Surgery Day” in Madrid.

“Red Sessions Surgery Day” is a way of applying PerioCentrum Academy’s “Red” philosophy, which is a passion for teaching, sharing knowledge with colleagues and learning from each other. It is about putting this concept into practice in training sessions within the teachers’ clinics. Through their website and also on their social networks, they invite you to participate in cases with real patients.

In this session, Dr. Ramón Lorenzo Vignau and Dr. Pablo Gutiérrez, who has decided to delve into a highly complex clinical case, performed a complete 3D regeneration surgery, accompanied in the operating room by Dr. Javier Sánchez from Periocentrum Madrid.

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Dr. Alberto Monje – “Bone regeneration in the prevention, management and sequela of peri-implantitis”

On Saturday, January 14, 2022, took place the course “Bone regeneration in the prevention, management and sequel of peri-implantitis” at the Official College of Dentists of Extremadura.

This course has been organized and sponsored by Ticare and was taught by Dr. Alberto Monje.

Participants were able to take advantage of the theory training received divided into the following topics:

  • Etipathogenesis of peri-implantitis
  • Decision tree in the management of peri-implantitis
  • Regeneration as an element of prevention of peri-implantitis
  • Reconstructive therapy in the management of peri-implantitis
  • Regeneration for the management of the sequel caused by the extraction of Implants

The practical part was more limited and was received by 16 participants. In it, they deepened the knowledge previously acquired and implemented in animal jaws.

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“Ticare has celebrated its 25th anniversary”

On February 14, 2021, Ticare celebrated 25 years of history. It is a quarter of a century in which the company has given many things to the sector and, above all, in which dentists have trusted this Spanish brand as a premium brand, a trust that Ticare now wants to express their grattitude.

From Ticare, we have provided quality, with a verification of 100% of the pieces, added value to our brand since no other does. We try to keep constant research with doctors in the sector to offer them the best possible service. We have two chairs:

  • Ticare Chair with the Complutense University of Madrid
  • Ticare Chair with the University of Santiago de Compostela

Beyond quality and innovation, Ticare has been concerned with disseminating the knowledge gathered in its scientific and clinical research,

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