Ticare and PerioCentrum renew the collaboration agreement

Ticare has recently renewed the collaboration agreement with PerioCentrum, a group of specialist periodontics and implant clinics, for common development in areas such as training, research and patient care.

In the field of training, Ticare renews its collaboration with the Expert Program in Periodontology and Implantology, an on-site master at PerioCentrum Academy, as well as the Online Master in Periodontology and Implantology, whose new edition begins in April, both programs based on theoretical and practical active learning in patients.

In the case of clinical practice, Ticare has presented its Tissue Care Philosophy, which ultimate result is gapZero against bacteria: the implant free of bacterial leakage. PerioCentrum will continue to advance the development of clinical research with Ticare implants and the demonstration of use in in-clinic training that it offers to implantology professionals for an improvement of clinical practice.


Smile is a Foundation project

In addition,

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Ticare Implant Training Course Was Successfully Held in Romania

On February 13, 2021, Ticare’s distributors in Romania, Otilia and Crisnu jointly organized a prosthetic workshop. Ticare user, Dr. Gheorghe Catalin and his dental technicians, as well as two dentists with rich implantation experience participated in this training.


Under the guidance of Dr. Gheorghe, the dentists devoted themselves to learning in the hands-on course and felt the advantages of Ticare implants. They said that this practical course has benefited them a lot. Ticare and its partners in Romania will continue to organize a variety of training courses.

Ticare’s first aim is the quality of the product. It is the only one with scientific support being “The Implant Free of Bacterial Microleakage”. Ticare’s Philosophy is based on 4 pillars: Ticare is an implant free of microleakage that reduces the peri-implantitis risk and gives excellent bone level maintenance.

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The USC-Ticare chair in implantology has been set up

Its objective is applied research in osseointegration with implants

Santiago de Compostela, October 7, 2020

Today the University of Santiago de Compostela signed an agreement with Mozo-Grau Ticare, a Spanish dental implant manufacturer, for the creation of the “Ticare Institutional Chair for Research in Osseointegration and Therapy with Implants”. Under the direction of Dr Juan Blanco, the Chair represents an advance for applied research in implantology that results in a better diagnosis for patients.

During the presentation of the Chair, Antonio Lopez, Rector of the University of Santiago de Compostela, emphasized that the health field and, specifically, biomedicine constitutes an “essential axis” for USC and that with this agreement “we add another stone to this project, a strategic element of the University”. Later, the Rector added: “The collaboration between the University of Santiago de Compostela and Ticare is part of the objective of opening the university’s activities to private entities that can collaborate in the training of our students,

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UCM-Ticare University Chair for research and training

Under the direction of Prof. Mariano Sanz this University Chair gives stability to the research projects that Ticare has been developing with the UCM for years

Last January, it was signed the Extraordinary University Chair between the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and Ticare, for the development of research and training plans in implantology in Spain and abroad.

In relation to this, Prof. Mariano Sanz remarked: “This model of Extraordinary University Chair allows a direct transparent collaboration based on scientific development between a university and a private company. This enables us to formalise research and training projects in a stable way and within an initial period of three years. Moreover, UCM and Ticare had already been carrying out research projects for almost four years, and from now on, thanks to this Chair, a medium-long-term programme and a greater formalization of it will be carried out”

Based on that,

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More than 1,000 people registered to XI Ticare Evidence Implantology Congress

Ticare’s scientific evidence and bacterial-leakage-free Implant were the highlights of this congress.

This edition could not be different as XI Ticare Evidence Implantology Congress attracted more than 1,000 registered people.  This event was held on 14th and 15th February at TeatroGoya Multiespacio in Madrid, Spain.  Along with the usual scientific rigour featuring every Ticare scientific event, gapZero, the bacterial leakage free implant and studies endorsing gapZero had special mention.

Presentations of the Dentistry Programme: Dr. Pablo Domínguez, Prof. Mariano Sanz and Mr. Fernando Mozo Grau

For this edition, the congress title was “Scientific evidence for everyday practice” and included more than 50 high-level presentations and round-tables.  Within the Dentistry Programme, attendees had the opportunity to receive updated information from national speakers as Prof Mariano Sanz, Dr Juan Blanco,

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Ticare Implant Clinical Cases Competition

As a leading company in research and development of solutions in the dental field, Mozo Grau is delighted to present its Ticare Implant Clinical Cases Competition. In line with our values, the purpose of this competition is to promote the development and improvement of clinical implantology, as well as good practices.

You are kindly invited to submit your clinical case in form of a poster and defend it orally in front of a committee at the XI Congress on the Latest Developments in Implantology.  This event will take place in Madrid on the 14th and 15th February 2020.

Those clinical cases granted the highest scores based on their quality and interest will be published in a book on Ticare Clinical Cases, which we hope will be of interest to all those in the field due to their innovation and clinical excellence.

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Ticare made its implantology international Forum at Dental South China 2019

At the 24th Dental South China International Equipment & Technology Exhibition held from March 3 to March 6, 2019, Ticare China attended the event with its full-line implant solutions, which made dental professionals from all over the world feel the technical strength of European precision manufacturing. 2016 is an extremely important year for Ticare. It is not only the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Ticare, but also witnessed the birth of Ticare, a brand that has been carefully crafted and strictly controlled. So what is unique about Ticare implants? How will it provide effective implant solutions for dentists around the world? And see the relevant report of Ticare Implantology  International Forum.

Precision, professionalism and advancement are the concepts that Ticare have been adhering to.

At the Ticare Implantology International Forum held on the afternoon of March 4, Mr. Fernando Mozo Grau, founder and CEO of Ticare,

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Mozo Grau becomes exclusive dental implants supplier of the Chinese Government´s Program “China Oral Health Care”

Mozo Grau becomes the unique and exclusive dental implants’ supplier of the “China Oral Health Care Program” developed by the Chinese Government thanks to the agreement signed this August. The project aims the prevention and treatment of oral diseases and will be developed through the National Commission of Health and Family Planning.

The Spanish implants producer will be the unique implant provider of a health program that will benefit around 200,000 patients in the country and will involve 1,000 doctors during 2019 reaching a network of 2,000 clinics.

 “Gap 0” evidenced by Mozo Grau, which implies an almost perfect implant-prosthesis fit, shifted the balance on the side of the Spanish bid against other leading European and Asian implant manufacturers.

Mozo Grau will supply its Ticare dental implants in the framework of an agreement formally sealed on 19th August in Beijing during the celebration of the “National Day of the Doctor”.

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