Dr. Hom-Lay Wang conference sponsored by Ticare in SEPA 2022

Dr. Hom-Lay Wang gave a conference sponsored by Ticare focused on management of peri-implant complications.

Dr. Wang began by recognizing predisposing and precipitating factors associated with peri-implant complications, helping dentists to learn how to prevent future implant complications, and how to select proper treatment for different implant complications. Dr. Wang shared recent research findings of how restorative designs influence the incidence of implant complications, as well as the mechanisms of how implant bone loss and implant failure occurred at the conference, especially demonstrated how to manage implant biological complications using EP-DDS guided bone regeneration protocol.

Dr. Wang also highlighted Ticare Perio Hybrid implants: “Ticare Hybrid implants concept is what I have talked for more than 10 years, which with the polished collar to compensate for the supper crustal tissue at the region, so called biological width. When you have that space, the soft tissue attaches to it, then you don’t have a lot of physiological bone remodeling or later implant bone loss. So, you can maintain and get wonderful stability and result. I think Ticare Hybrid implants fulfill that requirement. It is a future and that’s what the implants design should be.”

Another important point was Ticare’s gapZero, to which he attached great importance: “Any kind of biofilm accumulated around the implant-abutment interface can cause peri-implant mucositis and then a trigger to the peri-implantitis which is peri-implant margin bone loss. With Ticare conical system to seal zero gap concept, you don’t have bacteria to attach it, at least you minimize one potential problem or contributing factor to contribute to the bacteria. So I think Ticare’s gapZero concept is important, they can avoid that, otherwise any gap any bacteria accumulation can be a future potential for the peri-implantitis.”

Dr. Hom-Lay Wang added that:” I think many manufactures must understand how peri-implantitis was formed and design such as the hybrid implant to avoid that. If you do a bone level type of implant, so the gapZero concept becomes very important.”

Now, we show you some pictures of the Hom-Lay Wang´s conference in SEPA 2022








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