“Ticare has celebrated its 25th anniversary”

On February 14, 2021, Ticare celebrated 25 years of history. It is a quarter of a century in which the company has given many things to the sector and, above all, in which dentists have trusted this Spanish brand as a premium brand, a trust that Ticare now wants to express their grattitude.

From Ticare, we have provided quality, with a verification of 100% of the pieces, added value to our brand since no other does. We try to keep constant research with doctors in the sector to offer them the best possible service. We have two chairs:

  • Ticare Chair with the Complutense University of Madrid
  • Ticare Chair with the University of Santiago de Compostela

Beyond quality and innovation, Ticare has been concerned with disseminating the knowledge gathered in its scientific and clinical research, as is the case of the “zero gap” against bacteria, an attribute that differentiates it from other brands and that is It has been shown that it is a fundamental factor for bone maintenance, reducing the risk of peri-implantitis and, ultimately, increasing the success rate of the implant.

Ticare has celebrated its 25th anniversary throughout the year 2021 in different events. Outstanding opinion leaders such as Dr. Alberto Monje, Dr. Jerián González, Dr. David Gallego Romero, Dr. Luis Antonio Aguirre, Dr. Javier Cabezas and Dr. Benjamín Serrano gave us a testimony about Ticare during the Sepa Sevilla 2021 Congress; Prof. Mariano Sanz and Dr. Conrado Aparicio at Casa de las Encías in May 2021; Dr. Antonio Bujaldón and Prof. Mariano Sanz at the Casa de las Encías in September 2021; and Dra. María del Carmen Ramos, Dr. Pablo Domínguez, Dr. Arturo Sánchez, Mr. Manuel Izquierdo, Mr. Fernando Gutiérrez de Guzmán, Dr. José Luis Cebrián and Florencio Monje at the XI TICARE Implantology Congress.

Prof. Mariano Sanz:

“There are companies like Ticare in this case that are committed to and support quality research.”

Dr. Juan Blanco:

“For this reason, before starting this session, I would like to give them the applause they deserve for their effort and dedication to development and research; and I simply say this because you do it for the good of the clinicians and in the end for the good of the patients, therefore, I would ask for a round of applause for them, they deserve it”.


Dr. Florencio Monje:

“Mozo Grau is always helping with training and teaching at all the congresses of the Spanish Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and, in addition, he has the tremendous merit of organizing an event in Spain that is always massive.”

Dr. Conrado Aparicio:

“In recent years it has been a pleasure to be able to contribute to this task of basing its products on scientific evidence.”

Dr. Alberto Monje:

“It should be noted that Ticare is not only offering us an implant that allows us functional and aesthetic rehabilitation, because they are constantly in research and development to facilitate, first of all, implant treatment, but also to improve even if possible the aesthetic, functional results, free of any type of complication and where, of course, it will differ from many other implants since it is giving us a tool that will allow us to prevent peri-implant pathologies, which is what can really compromise the longevity of implants ”.

Dr. Arturo Sánchez:

“That is a pride; having a Spanish company that can compete at this level and that is above many of the standards of foreign companies is fundamental, it is a source of pride”.

Dr. Antonio Bujaldón:

“What unites us at Sepa and Ticare is how to improve people’s lives.”

Dr. Pablo Domínguez:

“You work with many universities and I have the privilege from the University of Seville to work with you and I always feel very supported and I see a little that you bet on quality and also try to demonstrate it. Not only that you try, but that you demonstrate it through your publications or the research you do”.

Dr. Jerián González:

“I believe that Ticare represents the values of the Spanish Periodontics Society, which is science, innovation, rigor and a product that has been fully tested with different scientific evidence, but apart from that, it is the quality and effort that its Spanish owners put into it, which is also important, and I think that the love they put into their product has also been essential to basically have a top ten product”.

Prof. Mariano Sanz:

“My experience with Ticare in the context of research and in the context of relations between the University and the company, is a very pleasant experience.”

Sr. Fernando Gutiérrez de Guzmán:

“From Ticare I wanted to highlight that the Ticare implant, which has become one of the best in the world, I am not going to say that it is the best or the second, there are a few that are very good that meet all the conditions that must be demanded today; it is the end product of admirable business work put into consultation”.

Dra. María del Carmen Ramos:

“I think that, and in this Ticare, for example, differs from many other houses, at least in my opinion, is that we have to start thinking about implantology and surgery from the prosthesis”.

Sr. Manuel Izquierdo:

“For my part, I thank Ticare for investing in training and for leaving the Spanish flag very high”.

Dr. Luis Antonio Aguirre Zorzano:

“We have been working with the Ticare implant system at the University of the Basque Country for a few years now and our relationship has always been truly magnificent, it has been a fluid, collaborative relationship, it has always gone well. I can’t say anything else because it’s been like that, it’s always been good”.

Dr. Benjamín Serrano:

“Ticare provides us with all the necessary materials and means to be able to carry out a correct investigation so that the products that are later put on the market have strong scientific endorsement and are supported by scientific evidence.”

Dr. José Luis Cebrián:

“Ticare congresses are a benchmark in national implantology”.

Dr. Javier Cabezas:

“Ticare has always been a national company, sensitive to the concerns of clinicians, who try to innovate and change, making it a little easier.

It reminded me of the model of a national company, Zara, where if something doesn’t work, then you quickly discover a phone. That ease and versatility of being able to go to Valladolid and quickly have my engineers and designer to incorporate these changes that companies with perhaps more power or more name, in the end, send it to part of Europe, the United States and until it arrives.

On the other hand, in Ticare concern has been transmitted, a lot of collaboration with the University and Societies.

I find it interesting and a bet that has been evolving, changing and understanding.

I have a very good perception of them and with the presentation of the work, it affirms those impressions even more”.

Dr. David Gallego Romero:

“I am very pleased to talk about Ticare, I have a good brand image and concept, I have been talking to its managers, congratulating them on their 25th anniversary. A few years ago as president of SECIB I had the opportunity to visit its facilities and see the good work that is done with the traceability of all its products and in that sense, for me it is a Spanish implant company that has a guarantee of safety and reliability”.

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