Ticare fosters Tissue Caring

Tissue Care Philosophy is now Tissue Caring

Six years after the launch of the brand, Ticare’s philosophy Tissue Care Philosophy adopts a new name that synthesizes our continuous work taking care of tissues.

In 2016, on its 20th anniversary, Mozo-Grau launched Ticare brand to the market. It is the acronym for Tissue Care Philosophy based on four pillars: implant-abutment connection, integrative surface, delicacy in the drilling sequence and traceability of the whole process.  These principles are embodied in its flagship, Inhex implant, which showed the absence of gap in the implant-abutment connection as per a study published in 2013.  That same year, Ticare’s total traceability system thanks to a unique ID number given to the implant, took the name of Genetic.  It makes references to a perfect product traceability and the quality verification of 100% of the production.

Tissue Caring represents Ticare’s constant work: 26 years caring for tissues

Since the launch of Ticare brand, the company has been working in all the fields related to tissue care through research, clinical cases follow-up and product development. The result today is that Ticare has five studies that endorse Gap0 against bacteria in the implant-abutment connection. Among these, it is important to highlight the study published  in 2018 that proves that there is no bacterial microleakage between a Ticare Inhex implant and the abutment. More recently, the study published in 2021 in which seven implant brands featuring straight and conical connections are compared, Ticare proved to be the only brand with zero bacterial microleakage in all the samples tested.

In 2020, the trajectory of many years of scientific research -and more than 100 publications- focused in tissue care, took a step forward with the signature of the Ticare Chair with the Complutense University of Madrid, under the direction of the Prof Mariano Sanz; and the Ticare Chair with the University of Santiago de Compostela, under the direction of Dr Juan Blanco. Both Chairs represent the consolidation of years of research with several universities.

The first study under the UCM-Ticare Chair was published in 2021.  It is a clinical trial that proves insignificant bone remodeling 12 months after loading the implants placed in 40 patients with a history of periodontitis: 20 patients received Ticare Inhex implants with their classic RBM-TC moderate microroughness; and the other 20 patients received a hybrid implant featuring an ultra-low roughness at the coronal third.

Results support Ticare’s commitment

As stated in the discussion of this publication, this excellent result on the change in the marginal bone level can be explained by a very stable implant-abutment connection as these are implants that have proven to be free of microleakage. This latest clinical trial, together with a preclinical study published in 2020, has been the scientific endorsement for the launch of the Ticare Perio Hybrid implant, the implant for periodontally compromised patients and especially aimed to periodontists and any other dental professional concerned about tissue care. Ticare Perio Hybrid implant’s main benefits are zero bone remodeling and better predictability in complicated situations.  It was launched at the SEPA (Spanish Society for Periodontology and Osseointegration) 2021 congress, when the study carried out by Prof Mariano Sanz was presented.

Another recent example of Ticare continuing to actively care for tissue is the launch in the middle of last year of  TCP (Tissue Care Philosophy) abutment line, a narrow emergency abutment that allows more space to soft tissues. It is the ideal abutment for cases demanding high aesthetic by allowing the connective tissue to thicken.  It also improves long-term peri-implant stability.

Ticare’s gapZero, the implant free of bacterial microleakage, stands as the brand and main feature of tissue care. There are more and more documented clinical cases that show good clinical results in regards to bone remodeling, which leads to think that Gap Zero is an important factor that contributes to reducing the risk of peri-implantitis. Some of these cases have been shown at Expodental, including 24 cases treated under the UCM-Ticare Chair, with Ticare Inhex and Ticare Perio Hybrid implants, showing excellent results in bone maintenance at 12 and 24 months.

With all this background, Ticare evolves the name of its philosophy Tissue Care Philosophy coining the term Tissue Caring to signify the investment and constant and multidisciplinary work of a Spanish company caring for tissues.

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