Ticare in SEPA Malaga 2022

Conferencia Ticare de Hom-Lay Wang en Sepa Málaga 2022

Ticare has had an outstanding participation at The periodontology and oral health congress organized by SEPA.  As a Strategic Platinum partner of the event, Ticare has sponsored one of the main symposioums about Implants and offered 3 relevant conferences. Also, Ticare Perio Hybrid, the implant for the periodontal patient, was the main attraction for periodontist.

As Platinum partner, Ticare sponsored the Incorporation of technology for decision-making in implant therapy following tooth extraction Symposium that was chaired by Dr Vanessa Ruiz Magaz. Within this Symposium, Dr Nicola Discepoli gave a presentabion about Diagnosis using new technologies of dimensional changes following tooth extraction and implant placement.; Dr Ignacio Sanz presented  Reconstruction of soft tissue in post-extraction implants and in edentulous areas, and Prof Hom-Lay Wang gave a lecture about Bone regeneration in post-extraction implants and in edentulous areas.

Prof. Hom-Lay Wang Conference “Management of peri-implant complications”

Ticare arranged a private conference by Prof Hom-Lay Wang about the management of peri-implant complications, which was a master class to unravel the myths about peri-implantitis.  Prof Hom-Lay Wang is the Director and Professor of Graduate Periodontics at the University of Michigan, the Former Director of the American Board of Periodontology and the Academy of Osseointegration, and is one of the most outstanding researchers in the dentistry field with more than 600 publications. In this conference, Prof Wang presented Ticare Inhex Quattro Implant, which provides a higher progresiveness in the insertion torque and is specially designed to be ued on trabecular bone; showed some sucessful clinical cases with Ticare Inhex Implants and explained the new study with Ticare Perio Hybrid implants. The lecture was introduced by Dr Alberto Monje. Dr Gonzalo Blasi joined for the discussion at the end of the event.








Dr. Ignacio Sanz Sanchez Conference “Surgical and Prosthodontic facts to minimize the peri-implant bone remodeling”

Dr Ramon Lorenzo, peridontist at PerioCentrum, was in charge of presenting Dr Ignacio Sanz Sanchez in his lecture about the surgical and prosthodontic facts to minimize peri-implant bone remodeling. Dr Sanz claimed that dental implantology is, above all, the design of a prostheses with a surgical component and he made a detailed analysis of factors such the implant-abutment connection and the prostheses design.  As for the first analysis, Dr Sanz presented a comparative study, which results showed that “gap zero is only achieved with Ticare implant”.  In regards to the prostheses design, he mentioned  TCP Ticare abutments  “it is no accident that Ticare has developed TCP abutments that provide more space to soft tissues”.








Dr. Jerian Gonzalez Febles “Key facts to avoid peri-implantitis in a dental implant treatment”

The lecture given by Dr Jerian Gonzalez about the key factors to avoid periimplantitis in a dental implant treatment was also a hit.  He talked about the surgical and prosthetic planning and he also mentioned some of the scientific studies with Ticare implants published in high impact publications.








Ticare Perio Hybrid

Ticare Perio Hybrid implant has proven great results in periodontal patients. It offers a better predictability, a slower progression and a better treatment of a periodontal disease. Ticare Perio Hybrid is a hybrid implant that features an ultra-low roughness at the most coronal part and it is the choice of periodontists who are concerned about tissue care through prevention and treatment planning.

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