Ticare at SECOM Almería 2022

Ticare participated at the congress organised by SECOM CyC (the Spanish Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Head and Neck), that took place in Almeria, Spain.

At the exhibition, Ticare presented new products launched along the year as Ticare Perio Hybrid, the hybrid implant for the periodontal patient, and the TCP Prosthetic abutments together with the scientific studies carried out to certify them.

Ticare sponsored “Dr Lorenzo Castillo” Award

Also, Ticare sponsored the “Dr Lorenzo Castillo” Award that was given to Dr Martin Fernandez Ferro from the Povisa Hospital (Ribera Salud) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Service.  This award was delivered by Mr. Diego Velasco Perez, Director for Maxillofacial Surgery at Ticare.

Dr Martin Fernandez addressed a speech to SECOM President and Board of Directors.  Part of his speech was «I feel deeply honored, proud and excited to receive this award because it has a great symbolic value to me as I received training at the 12 de Octubre Hospital».  He also expressed his gratitude to SECOM, to the Spanish Journal for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and  «obviously to Ticare for continuing a tradition that lasts almost 20 years».

In the photo here below are Mr Diego Velasco Perez, Director for Maxillofacial Surgery at Ticare;  Mr Angel Mozo Grau, Ticare Deputy CEO, together with members of SECOM Board of Directors as Dr Florencio Monje, SECOM President, Dr Fernando Espin, President of the Congress Organizing Committee and Ms Eva Caballero, SECOM Manager.

Since its inception, Ticare has had the support of very important maxillofacial surgeons and it was the first sponsor that a scientific society had, SECOM was such society.

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