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PerioCentrum has collaborated on the occasion of a residency with Ticare Implants in the “Red Session Surgery Day” in Madrid.

“Red Sessions Surgery Day” is a way of applying PerioCentrum Academy’s “Red” philosophy, which is a passion for teaching, sharing knowledge with colleagues and learning from each other. It is about putting this concept into practice in training sessions within the teachers’ clinics. Through their website and also on their social networks, they invite you to participate in cases with real patients.

In this session, Dr. Ramón Lorenzo Vignau and Dr. Pablo Gutiérrez, who has decided to delve into a highly complex clinical case, performed a complete 3D regeneration surgery, accompanied in the operating room by Dr. Javier Sánchez from Periocentrum Madrid.

Ticare has a collaboration agreement with PerioCentrum where it has presented its tissue care philosophy, Tissue Care Philosophy, whose ultimate result is gapZero against bacteria: the implant free of bacterial filtration. PerioCentrum continues to advance in the development of clinical research with Ticare implants and the demonstration of use in clinical stays that it offers to implantology professionals for the improvement of clinical practice.

Here are some pictures taken during the surgery:


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