Dental Restoration

The goal of dental restoration is to restore the form and functions of the damaged tooth by the means of specific techniques and materials. Normally, it refers to fillings used  to repair any dental cavity or the use of veneers and crowns to repair structural loss.

Dental implantology is now a days one of the most requested options to repair a dental loss or damage.

Types of dental restorations

Single restoration

It is one of the most common dental restorations performed.

It is an optimal solution for those patients who have lost one tooth as result of, for example, a periodontal disease or external trauma.

Multiple restorations

The goal of this type of restoration with dental implants is to restore several teeth in the mouth.  For this, dental implants will be inserted in the bone and, with the help of abutments, be the support for the final prostheses

The main advantage of this technique is that a few number of implants would be necessary to restore a larger number of teeth.

If budget is a concern to the patient, multiple restorations are a better option considering the cost of single restoration treatment.

Full arch dental restorations

This treatment restores all missing teeth as result of edentulism and can be performed in two different ways:

  • Prostheses is supported by both implants and gums.

  • Full prostheses is fixed to several implants.  It is known as implant-supported” restoration.

This treatment is perfect to restore aesthetics and functionality to full dentition thanks to the excellent biocompatibility, durability and likeness to natural teeth.

What is immediate loading?

Immediate loading involves placing a dental implant and loading the prostheses within 48h upon insertion.  Dentists should make an assessment of each case before performing an immediate loading

Ticare dental implants are perfectly indicated for immediate loading cases when a single or several teeth are missing.

Restorations for immediate loading can be performed with single or full arch.  For full arch restorations, 4 or more implants can be placed to support a prostheses. The fixed prostheses immediately loaded is a temporary one to guarantee a proper osseointegration of the implant to the bone.  As from the third month upon implant placement, when osseointegration might be completed, the final fixed restoration can be loaded.

Immediate loading represents several benefits to patients. For example, it allows them to wear a temporary fixed prostheses instead of a removable one.  It facilitates patients a gradual adaptation to the final prostheses. Also, patients can recover the masticatory and phonation functions, and aesthetics, too.

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