Ticare’s participation in the Congress of the Iberopanamerican Federation of Periodontics ends

Advances in Periodontics and Implant Therapy have a Spanish-Portuguese accent.

From October 28 to 30, 2021, the Congress of the Ibero-Pan-American Federation of Periodontology was held online, in which Ticare participated, on the one hand, sponsoring a Symposium under the title of “Morphology of peri-implant lesions and their influence on surgical therapy “. It took place on October 30 and was taught by Dr Alberto Monje.

Likewise, a webinar was issued on “Preventive strategies in the control of peri-implant diseases” given by Dr Ignacio Sanz Sanchez and moderated by Dr Alberto Monje.

    • About 6000 professionals have connected to this meeting totally online, with sessions in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
    • Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile, in this order, have been the countries with the highest representation of experts in this virtual forum, also highlighting the presence of Ecuadorian,

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Ticare Made Its Debut at 2021 DenTech China

On November 3 to 6 of 2021, the four-day DenTech China was held in Shanghai. This year’s, exhibition area exceeded 50,000 square meters, and 850 exhibitors participated.



The exhibition was organized by:

  • China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange.
  • Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital.
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.
  • National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases.
  • Shanghai Stomatological Association.
  • College of Stomatology.
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

In the event we could see that some Implant companies such as Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Osstem, Dentium, BEGO, Cortex, Biodenta, NeoBiotech, DIO, MegaGen participated.

Ticare China brought the implant solutions to the DenTech China to showcase the premium implants from Europe and its strict quality control to professional audiences.


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Opinion Leaders of the dental field present Ticare-gapZero’s clinical and scientific evidence

The clinical and scientific evidence of the “Gap0” benefits against bacterial leakage was presented this week at the “Casa de las Encías” (Spanish Society of Periodontics, SEPA) with the endorsement of Ticare Chairs.   Prestigious Key Opinion Leaders gathered  to present this on-site event and live connection with international dental professionals.

At the event, the studies carried out under the Ticare Chairs with the Complutense University of Madrid, the University of Santiago de Compostela and the University of Minnesota were presented by the directors of said chairs: Prof Mariano Sanz, Dr Juan Blanco and Dr Conrado Aparicio, respectively. During the event, Prof. Mariano Sanz announced that a high-impact journal had just accepted for publication the study he was presenting.

The presentation was given on-site to a small number of professionals and was streamed live for attendees from more than twenty countries.

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The last scientific study published on the Clinical and Experimental Dental Research journal shows that Ticare dental implants are free of bacterial microleakage

In the latest scientific study, comparing samples from different implant/ abutment systems from 7 commercial brands, Ticare proves to be the only implant without bacterial microfiltration in all samples of the experiment.

The Clinical and Experimental Dental Research journal has published the “Comparative study of bacterial microfiltration in the implant abutment interface, with straight and conical internal connections, in vitro” carried out by Larrucea V. Carlos, Navarro C. Carlos, Larrucea SM. Karina, Boda K. Sunil, Padilla E. Carlos, Lobos G. Olga.  This study proves that Ticare has no bacterial microleakage.

The objective of this in vitro study in which fifty-six implants from seven different brand names were analyzed, was to determine the presence of marginal bacterial microfiltration in the IAI in different connections. 

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Ticare China attended at 26th Sino Dental Exhibition

The 26th Sino-Dental was held in Beijing, from 9th to 12th of June 2021. As the largest and most internationalized dental exhibition in China, Sino-Dental is highly valued in the dental field in Asia, for this reason,  Ticare China attended the event with its full-line implant solutions, which made dental professionals from all over the world feel the technical strength of European precision manufacturing.



The exhibition area included more than 900 companies from more than 30 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, which attracted 40,000 professional visitors. Ticare China brought the iconic Inhex implant system and surgical kit to the Sino-Dental to showcase the premium implants from Europe and its strict quality control to professional audiences.

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Ticare Make Its Debut at West China Dental Show

Ticare´s Stand in West China Dental Show 2021

On April 22-25, the 2021 West China Dental Show was held in Chengdu and Ticare China attended the event with its full-line implant solutions, which made dental professionals from all over the world feel the technical strength of European precision manufacturing.


The exhibition was organized by Sichuan Stomatological Association, Shaanxi Stomatological Association, Chongqing Stomatological Association, Hospital of Stomatology Sichuan University, The Forth Military Medical University, and Stomatology of West China Committee.




This year’s exhibition area has partcipated 600 exhibitors. More than 240 workshops and 16 training courses held at the same time attracted about 30,000 visitors. West China Dental Show has firmly established itself as the leading event for the fast-growing dentistry industry in West China región.

As a global leading supplier of dental implant products,

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Ticare and PerioCentrum renew the collaboration agreement

Ticare has recently renewed the collaboration agreement with PerioCentrum, a group of specialist periodontics and implant clinics, for common development in areas such as training, research and patient care.

In the field of training, Ticare renews its collaboration with the Expert Program in Periodontology and Implantology, an on-site master at PerioCentrum Academy, as well as the Online Master in Periodontology and Implantology, whose new edition begins in April, both programs based on theoretical and practical active learning in patients.

In the case of clinical practice, Ticare has presented its Tissue Care Philosophy, which ultimate result is gapZero against bacteria: the implant free of bacterial leakage. PerioCentrum will continue to advance the development of clinical research with Ticare implants and the demonstration of use in in-clinic training that it offers to implantology professionals for an improvement of clinical practice.


Smile is a Foundation project

In addition,

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Ticare Implant Training Course Was Successfully Held in Romania

On February 13, 2021, Ticare’s distributors in Romania, Otilia and Crisnu jointly organized a prosthetic workshop. Ticare user, Dr. Gheorghe Catalin and his dental technicians, as well as two dentists with rich implantation experience participated in this training.


Under the guidance of Dr. Gheorghe, the dentists devoted themselves to learning in the hands-on course and felt the advantages of Ticare implants. They said that this practical course has benefited them a lot. Ticare and its partners in Romania will continue to organize a variety of training courses.

Ticare’s first aim is the quality of the product. It is the only one with scientific support being “The Implant Free of Bacterial Microleakage”. Ticare’s Philosophy is based on 4 pillars: Ticare is an implant free of microleakage that reduces the peri-implantitis risk and gives excellent bone level maintenance.

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