UCM-Ticare University Chair for research and training

Under the direction of Prof. Mariano Sanz this University Chair gives stability to the research projects that Ticare has been developing with the UCM for years

Last January, it was signed the Extraordinary University Chair between the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and Ticare, for the development of research and training plans in implantology in Spain and abroad.

In relation to this, Prof. Mariano Sanz remarked: “This model of Extraordinary University Chair allows a direct transparent collaboration based on scientific development between a university and a private company. This enables us to formalise research and training projects in a stable way and within an initial period of three years. Moreover, UCM and Ticare had already been carrying out research projects for almost four years, and from now on, thanks to this Chair, a medium-long-term programme and a greater formalization of it will be carried out”

Based on that, we will be able to facilitate doctoral students to do their theses in scientific developments in implantology and also to enable Professor Mariano Sanz´s research group  can carry out training courses, mainly for national and international implantology professionals, throughout the year.

As Sebastian Montero, Ticare Global Sales Director, said ‘Under this University Chair a  future solution for the patient benefit  is achieved, it is also important to stress this experience prepares a project not only in a punctual way for years, but, mainly looking into the reality of what the future of dentistry in Spain is».

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