The USC-Ticare chair in implantology has been set up

Its objective is applied research in osseointegration with implants

Santiago de Compostela, October 7, 2020

Today the University of Santiago de Compostela signed an agreement with Mozo-Grau Ticare, a Spanish dental implant manufacturer, for the creation of the “Ticare Institutional Chair for Research in Osseointegration and Therapy with Implants”. Under the direction of Dr Juan Blanco, the Chair represents an advance for applied research in implantology that results in a better diagnosis for patients.

During the presentation of the Chair, Antonio Lopez, Rector of the University of Santiago de Compostela, emphasized that the health field and, specifically, biomedicine constitutes an “essential axis” for USC and that with this agreement “we add another stone to this project, a strategic element of the University”. Later, the Rector added: “The collaboration between the University of Santiago de Compostela and Ticare is part of the objective of opening the university’s activities to private entities that can collaborate in the training of our students, with research and improvement of the citizens’ living conditions, in this case, in terms of implantology, which is the central object of Ticare and one of the research axes of our Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry”.

After the signing of the agreement, the first Monitoring Commission was held in which the appointment of Dr Juan Blanco as Director of the USC-Ticare Chair was approved.  He expressed “the enthusiasm for seeking lines of research for which the support from private companies is important”. In the same act, the Director of the Chair proposed Prof Pilar Batalla as co-director of the Chair. After the event, Dr Blanco acknowledged that this is an important moment for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry: “we have been working with Ticare company for years and thanks to their collaboration we can achieve results whose data increase scientific knowledge for our students. All this will lead to our patients feeling better treated, with better long-term diagnoses”. Prof Blanco, who has numerous articles published in research journals, is Director of the Master in Periodontology at the University of Santiago de Compostela and has been, among others, President of the Spanish Periodontology Society (SEPA) and President of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP).

Fernando Mozo, Ticare CEO, expressed the pride that the collaboration with the University of Santiago de Compostela represents for the company thanks to its prestige, as well as the importance of having “the research career of Prof. Juan Blanco and his reputation in clinical practice, which represent an asset for the implantology field to which Ticare will join through this Chair”. Also, he shared the desire to continue growing in clinical and scientific evidence for the development of Ticare products.

Within the framework of Ticare chair, the scientific development of implantology will be deepened, with special emphasis on the lines of research in which Ticare has collaborated in recent years with the OMEQUI Research Group (Medical-Surgical Dentistry): Evaluation of surgical protocols, new implant-abutment connection types, new implant designs as well as the development of new technologies applied to implantology, such as new digital flows and guided surgery.  It is also the object of the Chair to develop and spread knowledge in the scientific area of osseointegration, especially in regards to applied research.   As of education, The Chair’s scope is at levels of postgraduate university education: Master, Doctorate and Continuing Education.

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