Opinion Leaders of the dental field present Ticare-gapZero’s clinical and scientific evidence

The clinical and scientific evidence of the “Gap0” benefits against bacterial leakage was presented this week at the “Casa de las Encías” (Spanish Society of Periodontics, SEPA) with the endorsement of Ticare Chairs.   Prestigious Key Opinion Leaders gathered  to present this on-site event and live connection with international dental professionals.

At the event, the studies carried out under the Ticare Chairs with the Complutense University of Madrid, the University of Santiago de Compostela and the University of Minnesota were presented by the directors of said chairs: Prof Mariano Sanz, Dr Juan Blanco and Dr Conrado Aparicio, respectively. During the event, Prof. Mariano Sanz announced that a high-impact journal had just accepted for publication the study he was presenting.

The presentation was given on-site to a small number of professionals and was streamed live for attendees from more than twenty countries.

The event began with the presentation of Fernando Mozo, CEO of Ticare Implants, who then introduced Dr. Ignacio Sanz Sanchez, who was the chairman of the event, and gave the lecture “The problem of bone remodeling and its possible implication in the development of peri-implant diseases ”.

Dr Conrado Aparicio’s lecture focused on the research that prove the absence of bacterial microleakage in Ticare Inhex Implants as engineer Director of the Minnesota Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics (MDRCBB).

Prof Mariano Sanz presented, among other investigations, the study carried out with surface-modified Ticare implants in patients at risk of periodontal disease.   At this moment, he announced that this study had been accepted by the Journal of Clinical Periodontology for publication.  Prof. Sanz released preliminary results showing no bone remodeling in all groups of Ticare implants in the experiment.

Dr Juan Blanco presented the  study about bone remodeling with Ticare implants restored with Ticare BioCam customized prosthesis direct to implant or with intermediate abutments. Dr. Blanco released premiliminary results of this study in which the implants show no bone remodeling in either case.  This study is pending of publication.

Once the presentation of the studies that show clinical and scientific evidence of Ticare – gapZero was finished, a discussion by recognized international opinion leaders was held.

The discussion entitled “The importance of gap ‘0’ and its influence on maintaining the level of the marginal bone” was moderated by Dr. Ignacio Sanz Sanchez and Prof. Norina Forna, Professor at the Iasi University in Romania; Dr. Hani T. Fadel, Vice President of the Saudi Society of Periodontology; Dr. Rehab Tarek Elsharkawy, Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Cairo University; and Prof. Firas Al Quran, Professor of Prosthodontics at the Jordan University of Science & Technology,  participated in it.

This event totally focused on the scientific and clinical evidence that prove that Ticare implants feature gap “0” and is the only dental implant with scientific evidence of being the implant free of bacterial leakage.


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