Advanced treatments in implant-prosthesis – Universidad de Sevilla

From November 18 to 20, 2021, took place the course on advanced implant-prosthesis treatments organized by Ticare, with the University of Seville.

This course took place at the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Seville and had 11 places.


The purpose of this course was to broaden and perfect the knowledge of implant prostheses, its diagnosis and advanced planning, in addition to the management of soft tissues and the knowledge of the main prosthetic complications that may occur in the process.

The aim of this course was to provide the student with the necessary tools to make decisions in this area.

Regarding the methodology, the course was characterized by having a theoretical explanation of the types of rehabilitation on implants, the correct management of soft tissues and their prosthetic complications.

Being a course that has few places, it had a series of requirements such as:

  • Be a licensed clinician with experience in implant prosthetics
  • Wanting to increase their knowledge both theoretically and practically

The course content was presented and introduced by Dr. Jiménez Castellanos and taught by two speakers: Dr. Orozco and Dr. Domínguez.

On Thursday, November 18, topics such as:

  • Diagnosis and advanced planning in implant prostheses.
  • Provisionals on implants
  • Keys to mechanical and fisular stability
  • Introduction to digital dentistry

On the second day, November 19, the presentation was made by D. Ángel Mozo (assistant to CEO and institutional relations of Ticare) and subsequently  the following presentations took place:


Implant-retained prosthesis in the total edentulous

Implant-supported prosthesis in the total edentulous

Selection of abutments Types of abutments



Finally, a round of doubts was developed and the issues of complications and clinical cases were discussed.

To end the workshop, on Saturday, November 20, a provisional workshop on implants and emergency profile transfer was held throughout the morning.

This same day, to conclude the course, a workshop on iTero intraoral scanner took place.

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