Ticare Implant Training Course Was Successfully Held in Romania

On February 13, 2021, Ticare’s distributors in Romania, Otilia and Crisnu jointly organized a prosthetic workshop. Ticare user, Dr. Gheorghe Catalin and his dental technicians, as well as two dentists with rich implantation experience participated in this training.


Under the guidance of Dr. Gheorghe, the dentists devoted themselves to learning in the hands-on course and felt the advantages of Ticare implants. They said that this practical course has benefited them a lot. Ticare and its partners in Romania will continue to organize a variety of training courses.

Ticare’s first aim is the quality of the product. It is the only one with scientific support being “The Implant Free of Bacterial Microleakage”. Ticare’s Philosophy is based on 4 pillars: Ticare is an implant free of microleakage that reduces the peri-implantitis risk and gives excellent bone level maintenance. The microrough surface that enhances the osseointegration, research on Ticare Implants deliver an average survival rate of 98%. Ticare implants take care of the tissues thanks to a specifically designed drilling protocol to achieve a high primary stability. Genetic, Ticare’s registered trademark is the guarantee of the quality of implant and abutment manufacturing and verification processes, allowing a total traceability until they are placed in the patient’s mouth. Moreover, Ticare has more than 100 scientific publications to support its long-term tissue stability results.


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