Ticare and PerioCentrum renew the collaboration agreement

Ticare has recently renewed the collaboration agreement with PerioCentrum, a group of specialist periodontics and implant clinics, for common development in areas such as training, research and patient care.

In the field of training, Ticare renews its collaboration with the Expert Program in Periodontology and Implantology, an on-site master at PerioCentrum Academy, as well as the Online Master in Periodontology and Implantology, whose new edition begins in April, both programs based on theoretical and practical active learning in patients.

In the case of clinical practice, Ticare has presented its Tissue Care Philosophy, which ultimate result is gapZero against bacteria: the implant free of bacterial leakage. PerioCentrum will continue to advance the development of clinical research with Ticare implants and the demonstration of use in in-clinic training that it offers to implantology professionals for an improvement of clinical practice.


Smile is a Foundation project

In addition, Ticare continues to collaborate in the “ProBoca el Cambio” social project coordinated by PerioCentrum together with Smile is a Foundation and the Order of Malta, through the donation of implants that will be used to treat patients at risk of social exclusion . Both entities have the satisfaction of having treated more than 150 patients who have been rehabilitated free of charge since 2019, being able to return their smile, which has contributed to some of them finding a job.

More details of this project can be found at https://gacetadental.com/2021/02/me-he-sentido-como-un-millonario-102624.  It is a project that also received the VIII Dental Solidarity Award of the 23rd edition of the 2020 Dental Gazette Awards.

PerioCentrum and Ticare share the vocation to offer the patient excellence in results through rigor, specialization, research and quality above all else. This common objective allows both entities to add their technological and professional capacities: PerioCentrum, with more than 10 years of experience as specialists in periodontics and Implants; and Ticare, which celebrates 25 years in research, manufacture and sale of dental implants.



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