The last scientific study published on the Clinical and Experimental Dental Research journal shows that Ticare dental implants are free of bacterial microleakage

In the latest scientific study, comparing samples from different implant/ abutment systems from 7 commercial brands, Ticare proves to be the only implant without bacterial microfiltration in all samples of the experiment.

The Clinical and Experimental Dental Research journal has published the “Comparative study of bacterial microfiltration in the implant abutment interface, with straight and conical internal connections, in vitro” carried out by Larrucea V. Carlos, Navarro C. Carlos, Larrucea SM. Karina, Boda K. Sunil, Padilla E. Carlos, Lobos G. Olga.  This study proves that Ticare has no bacterial microleakage.

The objective of this in vitro study in which fifty-six implants from seven different brand names were analyzed, was to determine the presence of marginal bacterial microfiltration in the IAI in different connections.  As for the method applied on 4  implants with cone and 3 with straight connections, implants and abutments were connected using the Ncm tightening as indicated by each of the manufacturers and then were sealed. The samples were subjected occlusal load and thermal cycling, a first sample of each group was observed by micro CT and in a second sample (both samples randomly selected) length of connection was measured, while the rest of the samples were mounted on devices according to the bacterial microfiltration model with Porphyromonas gingivalis.

The results obtained with this study prove that, after 15 days since the beginning of the study, only Ticare Implants with internal connection, did not show bacterial microleakage.  All groups presented a direct relationship between the implant-abutment adjustment determined by micro-CT and bacterial microfiltration levels, not related to the connection length.  Micro CT observation confirmed there where spaces in the other implant brand samples analyzed that could result in bacterial microfiltration.

As for the conclusions, it was stated that Ticare Implants with conical connection have an adequate adjustment and presented no bacterial filtration.  The length of the connection does not seem to be fundamental in the abutment-implant coupling, however in straight connections this length seems to contribute to the sealing.  The precision degree in the manufacture of the parts involved in the IAI as shown by Micro-CT added to the shape of the connection (conical) ensure the proper fit and no filtration.

Five articles confirm the existence of Gap 0 at the connection thanks to the precision degree in the manufacture of the parts involved in the Implant-Abutment Interface

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