Ticare China attended at 26th Sino Dental Exhibition

The 26th Sino-Dental was held in Beijing, from 9th to 12th of June 2021. As the largest and most internationalized dental exhibition in China, Sino-Dental is highly valued in the dental field in Asia, for this reason,  Ticare China attended the event with its full-line implant solutions, which made dental professionals from all over the world feel the technical strength of European precision manufacturing.



The exhibition area included more than 900 companies from more than 30 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, which attracted 40,000 professional visitors. Ticare China brought the iconic Inhex implant system and surgical kit to the Sino-Dental to showcase the premium implants from Europe and its strict quality control to professional audiences. The high-quality products and the eye-catching stand attracted many visitors.

Ticare continues its commitment to the development of Implantology and the professionals involved in this field through research, innovation and training.  All this endorsed by scientific evidence and focused on the philosophy of tissue care: Tissue Care Philosophy.


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