Ticare’s participation in the Congress of the Iberopanamerican Federation of Periodontics ends

Advances in Periodontics and Implant Therapy have a Spanish-Portuguese accent.

From October 28 to 30, 2021, the Congress of the Ibero-Pan-American Federation of Periodontology was held online, in which Ticare participated, on the one hand, sponsoring a Symposium under the title of “Morphology of peri-implant lesions and their influence on surgical therapy “. It took place on October 30 and was taught by Dr Alberto Monje.

Likewise, a webinar was issued on “Preventive strategies in the control of peri-implant diseases” given by Dr Ignacio Sanz Sanchez and moderated by Dr Alberto Monje.

    • About 6000 professionals have connected to this meeting totally online, with sessions in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
    • Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile, in this order, have been the countries with the highest representation of experts in this virtual forum, also highlighting the presence of Ecuadorian, Venezuelan and Spanish experts
    • During the meeting, a manifesto was launched to promote periodontal health, signed by the FIPP and the Latin American Oral Health Association (LAOHA)

The final balance of the annual meeting of the Ibero-Pan-American Federation of Periodontology (FIPP), based in Ecuador but held practically in its entirety virtually, is extraordinarily positive, with nearly 6,000 registered and with the growing conviction that further progress is Important factors in the field of Periodontology and Implant Therapy are largely due to the contribution that Spanish and Portuguese-speaking researchers and clinicians are making.

The FIPP 2021 congress, which took place from October 28 to 30, has brought together different Spanish and Portuguese-speaking scientific societies of Periodontology, with the aim of sharing the latest scientific advances in this specialty. Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile, in this order, have been the countries with the highest representation of experts in this virtual forum, also highlighting the presence of Ecuadorian, Venezuelan and Spanish experts; In the case of Spain, it has been the country that has contributed the largest number of speakers, all of them leading members of the Spanish Society of Periodontology.

                Manifest for the promotion of periodontal health

The event has brought together thousands of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking professionals, with representatives from more than 20 countries. Among other milestones, it has served to issue a manifest for the promotion of periodontal health, signed by FIPP and the Latin American Oral Health Association (LAOHA). This manifest, similar to the one promoted by EFP and SEPA (‘Perio and General Health‘), calls on the entire Latin American dental community and all health professionals to promote periodontal and oral health of the population in an interdisciplinary way.

The FIPP-LAOHA manifest is based on the relationship between periodontal diseases and systemic diseases, confirmed and supported by the scientific evidence available and discussed in the Regional Consensus of Periodontology with the title of “Periodontal disease and its impact on health general in Latin America and the Caribbean ”, held in São Paulo (Brazil) in 2019, with the participation of more than 60 professionals and opinion leaders from the academic and clinical areas, associations and government agencies. The document collects the main conclusions derived from the discussions of these experts in relation to the promotion of oral health, primary and secondary prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

                A varied and intense program

Regarding the rest of scientific activities, the FIPP congress has reviewed the teachings of PostCOVID-19 Periodontology, coordinated by Dr Hugo Romanelli from Argentina, as well as the FIPP Joven and FIPP Research sessions have been held with great success. Symposiums have also been held on periodontal regeneration and surgical approaches to optimize the outcome in periodontal regeneration, and on mucogingival surgery in multiple gingival recessions. Of special significance has been the session entitled “The challenge of Periodontal Health. From Consensus to Manifest, a path in action”. And also highlight the live surgery of Paulo Mesquita and Victor Clavijo, moderated by Xiomara Gimenez, Secretary General of FIPP and Elizabeth Lozano Editor of FIPP; focused on immediate implantation with connective graft, as well as the research symposium, with 17 presentations, coordinated by Dr Jorge Gamonal.

This congress has also served to update knowledge and experiences on restoration and periodontal tissues with digital flow, in a symposium moderated by Claudia Bevilacqua and the President of SEPA, Dr Antonio Bujaldón. The regeneration sessions for peri-implant lesions, the Orto-Perio-Pros symposium (focused on the rehabilitation of patients with stage IV periodontitis), and the bone regeneration symposium in posterior mandibular areas have also been of special interest.

Within the scientific program of the congress, a session was held on the impact of the antiviral activity of CPC mouthwashes on the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It has highlighted the importance of the oral cavity as one of the main routes of entry of different microorganisms that can multiply and cause infections in situ and at the systemic level, and specifically SARS-CoV-2 and the preventive strategies that can be followed in relation to oral health. The transcendental role of good oral health as a preventive measure has been underlined, pointing out the need to include it in the package of basic prevention measures currently recommended to prevent COVID-19.

As the main message that is extracted from this meeting of the FIPP, it is clear that the absence of oral health affects self-esteem, quality of life and general well-being of the individual. In addition, the population and health authorities are reminded that periodontitis is a disease that can be prevented, easily diagnosed, successfully treated and controlled in the long term, for which a comprehensive intervention plan is required to improve periodontal and general health.

The congress had the following Premium collaborators: BioHorizons Camlog, Sunstar Gum, Botiss, Colgate, Menarini Centroamérica y Caribe, Dentaid and Laboratorios Kin; as well as with the collaboration in presentation format of Ticare.

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