Implant-Prosthesis Adjustment


“…the interface or microgap between the implant and abutment has been suggested to have a detrimental effect on the marginal bone level (Henllan et al. 1997; Broggini et al. 2006).”


Silver nitrate infiltration


Analysis performed by the MORCBB (Minnesota Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics)from the University of Minesota

“There is no indication that AgNo3NH4OH solution entered the space between screw (Right Picture), abutment and implant (Left Picture). No gap was found at screw/abutment or abutment/implant interface”.


“However, if only applied torque is analysed, the lower levels of microleakage occur in 30 Ncm tightened abutments, where, as shown in the photomicrographs, the gap is virtually nonexistent for Morse tapes connections and external connections get an almost perfect seal. This may be due to the strict manufacturing criteria found in the analysed elements”

Microleakage of the prosthetic abutment/implant interface with internal and external connection Larrucea Verdugo, Carlos et al. Clinical Oral Implant Research. Vol. 25, Issue 9, 2014: 1078-1083


“…Global mean marginal bone loss with Inhex® was 0.07 ± 0.13 and 0.12 ± 0.17 mm. as determined 6 and 12 months after prosthetic loading, respectively…”.

Influence of implant neck design and implant-abutment connection type on peri-implant health. Radiological study

Picture courtesy of Dr. Miguel Peñarrocha Diago