What is Ticare?

The company name TICARE comes from the combination of the words tissue and care, words that capture the company philosophy of preserving the tissues.

The Ticare heart emblem and its colours simbolize the web formed by the tissues.

An icon of life itself, mixing the technological with the human and integrating the four conerstones on which “Tissue Care Philosophy” is based.

We are achieving a Zero Gap between implant and abutment.

The need for bone remodeling is minimized thanks to the accuracy of the fit.  Ticare offers its clients an all inclusive implant-abutment solution.

Calcium phosphate is used as a resorbable blast media to achieve homogenous surface micro-roughness in every part of the implant.

Roughness values of between 1.2 and 1.6 Ra have been tested for and supported in several studies, including oncological and other difficult cases.  These studies have been published in leading international journals as JOMI, JOMS, COIR, among others.

Drilling sequences have been researched and designed to guarantee correct preparation of the socket, avoiding traumas caused by overheating of the bone tissue.

Thanks to this, BIC values of 60 and ISQ values of 70 have been achieved.

With the Codigo Explorer, the concept of Ticare implant traceability goes far beyond what has been known so far, and provides patients with information on all Ticare implant products from their design to the last verification before being marketed.

With this, Ticare provides the professional with the tools to explain to the patient the extraordinary quality of the materials used in the implant.

None of this would have been possible without a reliable team of professionals working in 12 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

In Mozo Grau we have always been Ticare.

Where does Mozo Grau come from?

Ticare is launched in 2016, the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company.  To understand Ticare and its Tissue Care Philosophy, we need to look back to 1996, when Mozo Grau, one of the pioneers of implantology in Spain, was founded.

Mozo Grau is passionate, almost obstinate, about quality.

Quality that is seen in the perfect abutment-to-implant fit.

Quality that is seen in our work to tolerances of 10 microns.

Quality that is maintained by our 100% verification of plant production.

Quality backed by excellent results and by the success of the treatments achieved with Ticare implants in the 20 years of the company`s history.

Quality designed to maintain and preserve the quality of peri-implant tissues.

With scientific methodology based on the principles of research and development, the Mozo Grau engineering and production team designs and manufactures using cutting edge technology.

A model of excellence endorsed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness with the innovative company award.

Over 60 articles in scientific journals endorse the high success rate of Ticare implants.

The company has ongoing collaboration programmes with hospitals, universities, and scientific societies.  And is the only Spanish company in the implantology sector that has a permanent scientific collaboration programme.  As supporter company with a university research centre in the United States.

Ticare is the newly adopted trade name of Mozo Grau implants and its objective is to maintain company growth in both national and international markets.

Our Philosophy