Ticare made its implantology international Forum at Dental South China 2019

At the 24th Dental South China International Equipment & Technology Exhibition held from March 3 to March 6, 2019, Ticare China attended the event with its full-line implant solutions, which made dental professionals from all over the world feel the technical strength of European precision manufacturing. 2016 is an extremely important year for Ticare. It is not only the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Ticare, but also witnessed the birth of Ticare, a brand that has been carefully crafted and strictly controlled. So what is unique about Ticare implants? How will it provide effective implant solutions for dentists around the world? And see the relevant report of Ticare Implantology  International Forum.

Precision, professionalism and advancement are the concepts that Ticare have been adhering to.

At the Ticare Implantology International Forum held on the afternoon of March 4, Mr. Fernando Mozo Grau, founder and CEO of Ticare, said in his speech that dental implant technology has developed rapidly in recent years, now is the best time for Ticare to bring global advanced implanting technology and solutions to China. Ticare has cooperated with many universities and scientific research institutes around the world and has carried out extensive cooperation with Lang Lang Dental Group in China, hoping to reach a new peak in the field of dental implantation.

 Four Highlights of Ticare Implants

Mr. Lu Chi, chairman of Lang Lang Dental Group, extracted the highlights of Ticare implants from four aspects: (1) the error of the testing standard of CE for implants in the European union is less than ±20μm, while the error in the standard applied for Ticare implants is less than ±10μm, which is a stricter precision standard than the industry; (2) a Ticare implant has two experiences “going to the US” before leaving the factory, one is to carry out professional surface treatment, the other is to carry out gamma-ray irradiation disinfection and use more advanced equipment and technology; (3) Ticare implants adopt the industry’s rare 100% factory inspection, to ensure that each implant undergoes whole-process manual and equipment inspection instead of the common spot inspection in the market.  Each Ticare implant can be traced from the factory to the inspection to “which expert planted into which patient’s mouth”; (4) Since its establishment 23 years ago, Ticare has been one of the few implant suppliers that have never been involved in product recall. To sum up, Lang Lang Dental Group has the responsibility and obligation to recommend high-quality Ticare implants to the vast number of Chinese patients.

Improving the Quality of Implant Surgery by Combining Hard with Soft

At this forum, Ticare also invited two internationally renowned experts to give academic speeches and answer questions. Dr. Alberto Monje, who specializes in periodontal disease and dental implant research, has published and participated in the writing of hundreds of academic papers and has been published in many highly influential dental journals worldwide. In a speech on critical hard and soft tissue dimensions for long-term success, he stressed that ensuring a proper amount of soft and hard tissues can reduce the incidence of complications of implant surgery and thus prolong the life of implants. The gap between implant and abutment has an adverse effect on the level of retained bone. The test results show that different torques should be applied in the connection between implant and abutment in order to prevent bacterial leakage. When the torque reaches 30N, Ticare products do not find micro-leakage, which provides a powerful environment for bone bonding. In the past, more attention was paid to biomechanical research of implants, but now more attention is paid to the surface treatment of implants, such as slightly rough surface, so we need to explore the relationship between soft tissue and implant surface to improve the quality of implant surgery.

Effects of Roughness and Cleanness on Implants

Dr. Conrado Aparicio, associate professor of prosthodontics at the University of Minnesota and deputy director of the Minnesota Center for Dental Research on Biomaterials and Biomechanics, gave a speech on the in-depth study of dental implant surface treatment. Roughness and cleanliness are two key factors for implants, he said. Ticare implants have passed strict technical and clinical tests in both aspects, and reached an ideal level.  Bacteria are an important factor causing peri-implant inflammation. After multiple tests and experiments verification, Ticare implant surface has been treated strictly aseptically, and the gap between abutment and implant has reached zero level, which effectively prevents bacterial micro-leakage, thus avoiding the occurrence of peri-implant inflammation. For this point, there have been published literature reports. In addition, the research on the surface material and roughness of implants has been relatively mature. At present, all types of implants are basically the same. Bio-activation treatment of implant surface provides more personalized services for doctors and patients. Ticare implant surface treated with bio-peptide and protein can induce mucosal sealing around dental implants, prevent the formation of plaque biofilm and achieve good infection prevention effect. In conclusion, Ticare implant has good performance in surface roughness and cleanliness, gap between implant and abutment, and biological processing of implant surface.

Through Ticare Implantology International Forum, I believe that the majority of dental professionals have a deeper understanding of Ticare. In December 2018, Ticare China representative office was formally established in Beijing. Since then, this well-known implant company from Europe will work intensively in the Chinese market to provide personalized treatment for each case and patient, and continue to write beautiful stories about transforming titanium metal into a happy smile in China!

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