Relation between macroscopic damage of abutment screws after chewing loads and the microleakage in the implant-abutment interface.

Labor Dental Clínica, Vol. 17, no 1 1-3/2016


Establishing the relation between the macroscopic damage in abutment screws after 50000 chewing cycles and the microleakage in the implant-abutment interface.


We used 30 implants Mozo Grau SA. 20 were external connection and 10 internal connection with Estandar and Star abutment screws torqued differently. We analyzed the macroscopic damage in the screws after cyclic loading. After that, they were used for a leakage study.


The internal connection screws presented more damage in apical (93.3% and 91.7%), external connection with Star screw and experimental torque in the middle third (53.3%) and external connection with Estandar screw at recommended torque in the cervical third (52.0%). Internal connection implants showed less leakage in the interface.


There is not apparent relation between superficial damage in abutment screws and leakage.


On Internal connection implants a total seal is achived when the experimental torque is applied, but not on the external connection, regardless the state of the screw or the torque.

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