X Ticare Implantology Congress


16th and 17th February, 2018

Madrid Municipal Conference Centre, Av. Capital de España, 7, Madrid, Spain


X Ticare Implantology Congress

Madrid Municipal Conference Centre.  16th and 17th February, 2018



8:00 – 18:00 h   Registration and documentation hand-out

08:55 – 09:00 h Congress introduction

09:00 – 09:30 h  Five keys to successful implant-supported prosthesis Dr. Ana Orozco Varo

09:30 – 10:05 h Prognosis and decision making. Preserve or not the tooth from the restorative point of view. Dr. Jon Gurrea Arroyo

10:05 – 10:45 h New solutions for fixed implant-supported restorations Dr. Javier Ventura de la Torre

10:45 – 11:00 h Discussion. Chairpersons: Dr. Pablo Domínguez Cardoso and Dr. Mª Jesús Suárez García

11:00 – 11:30h COFFEE BREAK

11:30 – 12:10 h Current clinical research with Ticare Mozo-Grau implants.      Dr. Marco Esposito

12:10 – 12:50 h Microleakage 0 and GAP 0, the keys for functional and aesthetic success.   Dr. Carlos Larrucea Verdugo

12:50 – 13:30 h Virtual Implantologic Patient Protocol (VIP protocol)   Dr. Fernando Rojas Vizcaya

13:30 – 13:45 h Discussion. Chairpersons: Dr. Eugenio Velasco Ortega and Dr. Nacho Rodríguez

13:45 – 14:45 h LUNCH BREAK

14:45-15:30 h Chairpersons: Dr. Fernando Gutiérrez de Guzmán DISCUSSION. Marketing and Dentistry: Dr. Raúl Pascual Campanario, Dr. Alberto Manzano, Sr. David Cuadrado (Viventia)

15:30 – 16:10 h The differential diagnosis of peri-implantitis    Dr. Andrea Mombelli

16:10 – 16:50 h Biomolecules and biofactors in dental implants. Prevention of peri-implantitis and improvement of biologic seal  Dr. Conrado Aparicio

16:50 – 17:30 h Soft Tissue response to immediate implants  Dr. Juan Blanco Carrión

17:30 – 17:45 h Discussion. Chairpersons: Dr. Arturo Sánchez Pérez and Dr. Assumpta Carrasquer

17:45 – 18:15 h COFFEE BREAK

18:15 – 18:55 h Key factors in the preservation of peri-implant soft tissues.    Dr. Mariano Sanz Alonso

18:55 – 19:30 h Can we, need we or must we treat peri-implantitis? Dr. Juan Manuel Vadillo Martínez

19:30  – 20:00 h How to prevent peri-implantitis. Five keys to long-term success.  Dr. Alberto Monje 

20:00 – 20:15 h Discussion. Chairpersons: Dr. Antonio Bujaldón Daza and Dr. Luis Antonio Aguirre Zorzano

20:15 h End of the programme of the day



09:30 – 10:05 h Aesthetic zone management with implants. Dr. Alberto Salgado Velázquez

10:05 – 10:40 h AO4, AO6. Rehabilitation using Ticare Implants. Dr. Nuno Cintra

10:40 – 11:15 h Therapeutic alternatives for rehabilitation of the posterior sector of the upper maxilla. Dr. Rui Figueiredo

11:15 – 11:30 h Discussion. Chairpersons:  Dr. Eduard Valmaseda and Dr. Abel García García

11:30 – 12:00 h COFFEE BREAK

12:00 – 12:40 h  Functional rehabilitation with implants in oncologic patients.  Dr. Carlos Navarro Vila

12:40 – 13:10 h  Horizontal alveolar ridge augmentation of the atrophic maxilla:  therapeutic options according to each clinical scenario. Dr. Florencio Monje Gil

13:10 – 13:50 h Digital technique for an accurate treament. Dr. Huiming Wang

13:50 – 14:00 h Discussion. Chairpersons:  Dr. Rafael Martín Granizo and Dr José Luis López Cedrún

14:00 h Clonsing ceremony          Mr.  Fernando Mozo Grau, Ticare CEO

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