Management of Dental Clinics


Ticare Training Classroom // C/ Santiago López González, 7 - 47197 Valladolid

Duration: Friday 23 full and Saturday 24 am

Capacity: 20

Price: 500 € Ticare Customers, 650 € No Ticare Customers


June 23 and 24
Course Director:
Dr. Alberto Manzano

  • Dr. Alberto Manzano
  • Ms. Susana Cubas

To make available to the owners of dental clinics, the knowledge to carry out a strategic management of the dental clinic, to perfect the tools of communication with the patient and to increase its added value, always within an ethical framework.

Methodology: (Face-to-face)
During the day and a half of the course, the talks will be alternated with the Roll-play workshops where they put into practice the newly learned skills and in this way strengthen that knowledge.


  1. Basic management principles: Do you run your clinic by intuition or based on knowledge?
  2. Big tooth companies will not stop What can we do traditional clinics to survive?
  3. The sale of health services Why, how and what do patients buy?
  4. The art of knowing how to communicate well or why do dentists with the same academic background get so different results in their clinics?
  5. Getting out of the comfort zone or how do I rejoin my daily work?

Requirements and profile
Bachelor of Dentistry / Clinical Manager
Issuance of certificate proving participation in the Course.



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