Calidental Clinical stays


CLINICA CALIDENTAL Avda de la Sabiduría nº 15 - Mairena de Aljarafe (Seville)

Duración: October 24th and 25th

Precio: 800


Purpose of stay

  • Improving the knowledge of surgical techniques related to treatment with osseointegrated implants as well as the clinical work of the prosthodontic phase for implant-supported rehabilitations, from diagnosis and planning to maintenance phase.
  • Expanding knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of oral medical surgical pathology of the daily consultation.
  • Share the clinical work of a dental center specializing in implants, where the trainee will work closely with Dr. González and his team of professionals. Each room is personalized, adapting to each profile and FOR ALL LEVELS.


1. Clinical stay in Calidental:

  • It takes place for two full days (Tuesday and Wednesday).
    The stays may be periodic, at the express request of the trainee.
    Upon acceptance of the application, the experience and clinical profile, as well as their preferences, are assessed. During the stay is performed:
  • Diagnosis and therapeutic possibilities.
  • Implant-supported rehabilitation planning.
  • Implant insertion surgeries.
  • Advanced and regenerative implant surgery.
  • Immediate Implantology.
  • Soft tissue management.
  • Registration and communication between clinic and laboratory.
  • Design, placement and adjustment of implantoprosthesis.
  • Cases of oral medicine and surgical pathology.
  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of complications.

2. Optionally:

  • The trainee will be able to operate a patient that he / she brings to the room, after joint planning and acceptance. This surgery, assisted by the doctor and the Calidental team, may be carried out during the second day of the clinical stay.
  • At the specific request of the trainee, a personalized theoretical-practical seminar will be held, where clinical protocols, clinical cases and scientific principles will be presented around the topic that most interest trainees. On the other hand, the trainee can use his or her own clinical cases and concerns with the doctor during the stay, making joint plans of their patients to treat or consult cases already treated.

Requirements and profile
The course is designed for licensed clinicians who have some experience with implantology, oral surgery or implant prostheses but who have concerns and want to extend their knowledge in a practical and intensive way, with our personalized methodology.
Telephone interview and CV will be necessary.

A specific week will be chosen within the months of the course (from October to June) to conduct the intensive two-day clinical stay (Tuesday and Wednesday).
The trainee has to give a month’s notice in advance and confirm the reservation of his place. After finishing the stay you will be provided with a diploma accrediting this specialized training course.

To book your place you can call 954 586 464 or on the web:
The reservation is confirmed after paying the total amount of the course: 800 €.
This payment is made by bank transfer to the IBAN number: ES26 2100 2681 4702 1016 9941
In the concept of such transfer you must put the word STAY + the name of the trainee                    

Información (PDF) : Ver información

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