Anterior aesthetic sector in implantology | June 26th-27th 2020


SDI | Orihuela Costa, Alicante Salgado Dental Institute Plaça Peri, 2 Lateral N332-Km 52, 03189 Orihuela Costa, Alicante.

Duration: 13th and 14th November 2020

Capacity: 20


Anterior aesthetic sector in implantology

Aim: In this training you will learn which is the ideal placement for an immediate post-extraction  implant, when and how to do it, when to perform a bone regeneration and when and how to make a soft tissue graft. The decision tree whether to make flaps or not. Immediate implant placement in complex situations. Deferred Implants with non-predictable and vertical regeneration. Management of provisional rehabilitation and emergence profile to get optimal results. Prosthetic abutment: cemented or screw-retained. Cervical margins management based on the restoration. How often to make selective augmentation for the soft tissue provisional management? Practical methods for the emergence profile transfer. Information  about temporary rehabilitation, how and when to send it? Information a provisional provides. Advantages to work with temporary rehabilitations.


Method: Live surgeries to check all the different concepts in a practical way. Theoretical part and hands-on about connective graft in pig jaws with tunnel technique. Emergence profile transfer and profile modifications.



  1. Immediate implant placement, easy cases. Gold standards for the immediate implantology.
  2. Is it necessary to place a temporary rehabilitation? Which is the best possible temporary solution?
  3. How to solve small vestibular bone defects with immediate Implants?
  4. Importance of the soft tissue and the connective management
  5. Complex cases with immediate implants, from small vestibular defects to big defects in both walls.
  6. Multiple immediate cases
  7. Cases when it is not possible to make immediate implant placement.
  8. Vertical regeneration in the anterior sector.
  9. Is it possible to cover implant recessions defects? How to do it?
  10. From the temporary to the final rehabilitation. The importance of the restorative material. Is it really important?

Dr Alberto Salgado

Undergraduate degree in Dentistry, Undergraduate degree with High Honours, Complutense University of Madrid. Master’s degree in Surgery, Complutense University of Madrid. Master’s degree in Implants, Complutense University of Madrid. Advanced Studies diploma, Complutense University of Madrid.  Director of Advanced Surgery and Regeneration Specialist of the Francisco de Vitoria University.

Dr Alfonso Díaz

Degree in Dentistry, Catholic University of Valencia. Superior Degree in Dental Prosthesis. Postgraduate in Oral Surgery, Prosthesis and Implant Dentistry, University Miguel Hernandez. Assisting member of ADA.

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