The integrative surface of Ticare implants.

Ticare philosophy is based on four basic pillars; An implant-prosthetic adjustment that reduces bone remodeling, a scientifically supported integrative surface, a drilling sequence studied to prevent trauma from overheating bone tissue; and a unique tool in the field of implantology, the Explorer Code, which allows to offer patients all the information about their Ticare implants and abutments.

The second pillar of Ticare, refers to the integrating surface of our implants, which is characterized by its microroughness and homogeneity. This uniformity is evident throughout the implant, and is achieved by blasting with biomineral, calcium-phosphate particles and Cleaning of inorganic and organic contaminants with acid and organic solvents

This is one of the key points in the success of treatments performed with Ticare implants, as endorsed by various scientific studies.


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