Restoration of edentulous maxillae – implant supported prosthetic restoration

Quintessence Periodontologia-Implanty 3/2013, Poland


Implant supported restorations have become a viable and optimal option for patients ́ treatment, allowing teeth restoration in case of their partial or total loss. Taking into account the conditions of the bone and the need to carry out a sinus lift procedure, as in this case, it is important to observe an appropriate time protocol. Thanks to a correct planning and carrying out of surgeries, excellent results can be achieved in cases of edentulous patients, meeting both their individual needs and expectations.

In this case, 10 Mozo-Grau Inhex Implants, internal connection, were placed in a two-stage surgical procedure with a previous sinus lift in an oncology patient. To that end an alloplastic material and collagen membranes have to be used, resulting in an optimal, functional and successful solution for the patient.

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