Maxillary full-arch immediately loaded implant-supported fixed prosthesis designed and produced by photogrammetry and digital printing: a clinical report

Journal of Prosthodontics 00 (2015) 1–7 .2015 by the American College of Prosthodontists


The present clinical report describes the use of a photogrammetry system (PICcamera) for obtaining impressions and designing and producing an immediately loaded CAD/CAM provisional fixed prosthesis delivered in the mouth within 24 hours after implant placement in the maxilla. The stereo camera was used to capture the implant positions, automatically taking 350 images in less than 2 minutes. This photogrammetry system takes 10 pictures per second with a margin of error of under 10 μm between two scan bodies, and identifies the spatial position of each implant without physical contact. The three-dimensional data for each implant are registered in vector format, together with all interrelated implant angles and distances. The information is stored in an STL file (PICfile). Information on soft tissues was obtained from an irreversible hydrocolloid impression that was poured in stone and scanned. An immediately loaded screw-retained fixed prosthesis was made from acetalic resin using CAD/CAM, and its passive fit was evaluated in the mouth using the Sheffield test and screw resistance test.

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