Immediate post extraction bone regeneration without flap by means of an implant of a superior central incisor

Gaceta Dental, 2015


Replacing a central incisor with an implant in a patient with a high smile line is always a challenge that leads the clinician to consider various treatment plans in view of the multitude of existing techniques. The case presented is built from the previous difficulty of these aesthetic demands couple with the tooth was affected by an infectious process which had caused des- truction of the vestibular table. The objective is to perform the treatment that achieves the best long-term outcome. It was used the cone shape regeneration with membrane technique from the English “ice-cream cone technique” with the goal to attain a good bone volume. In cases of aesthetic compromise, the cone shape technique results in a good choice to regenerate defects on vestibular level without performing vertical discharges. The result success will lie in a correct planning and in the choice of the most appropriate technique for the implantology rehabilitation with a satisfactory, stable and long-term aestheti.

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