Immediate loading and aesthetics in the anterior sector. A case report

Implantologia Stomatologiczna. 2010 Gaceta Dental. 2009


Something that is being constantly discussed of late in the world of implantology is “immediate loading and aesthetics in the anterior sector”; the following case is ideal for covering both fields at once with a predictable outcome.

A female patient, 27 years of age, with high aesthetic demands, visited us requesting dental treatment to fix the problem created by the agenesis of tooth ‘22’ and the permanence of ‘62’ in the mouth, but with great root resorption, to the point of having only mucosa insertion. This resulted in high mobility and worried the patient, since she was afraid of losing the tooth. She asks us to solve the problem, and strongly emphasises that she does not under any circumstances want to be without the tooth.

In the study we must pay special attention to the space available for the placement of the implant and crown, assessing patient occlusion, mesial-distal space, thickness and depth of soft tissue and bone quantity in height and vestibular-palatal direction throughout the whole implant length that we are going to place, bearing in mind the possibility that, at this level, the bone might have a vestibular concavity.

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