Immediate aesthetic in implants post extraction and connective tissue graft: Step-by-step protocol

Maxilaris, Junio 2015


Nowadays, we have enough scientific evidence related to implant placement at the same moment when performing dental removal. However, in the publications we have still little evidence in relation with the long-term aesthetic result, especially in patients with thin biotype. Neverthesless, more and more publications associate this kind of procedure using connective tissue graft with the aim to increase the vestibular width and, in this way, improve the tissues stability in the long run. Besides, the immediate placement of a provisional crown brings many advantages such us the maintenance of gingival scalloped, the creation of a correct emergency profile and in a simple way, reduction in number of visits and prosthetic handlings, comfort for patient and finally support for biomaterial placed in the alveolus and for the connective tissue graft incorporated by vestibular.

Regarding the connective tissue donor area, we consider the tuberosity as the chosen area for this kind or procedures. Graftings from this area are thicker and more consistent than those from anterior palate, what make them less susceptible to postoperative reabsorption, but they are less vascularized . Besides, Tissue taken is performed by a simple and reduced morbility.

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