Hemimandibular bone-alveolar distraction. Treatment for a post-oncologic patient restoration

Gaceta Dental. 2004


Giant cell tumours are very rare; they almost always appear in patients over 20 years old. They are characterised by an osteolytic lesion, often multilocular and with sharp edges. Perforation is sometimes observed within the alveolar process in the oral cavity.

Clinical case: In this article we will see the evolution of a 23-year-old patient who comes to the clinic showing mandibular swelling in the right side due to a tumour that expands both corticals invading soft tissues. Reconstruction is subsequently performed with an iliac crest graft and later graft distraction with four MGU distractors from Mozo-Grau, achieving an increase in height and width of 10.8 mm

Result: Young patient who underwent oral tumour excision, leaving a minimal jaw segment for support. Distraction of the hip grafts is performed later, followed by the implant-supported restoration. With the patient at no time presenting visible aesthetic deformation.

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