Definition and maintenance of the emergence profile

Maxillaris. 2009, As Stomatologii. 2009


One of the most important things in cosmetic dentistry is the seamless integration of the prosthesis with all the teeth in the arch; this is more difficult the more visible the tooth is, therefore the anterior superior sector is the one with the most aesthetic engagement. To achieve this we need a good prosthesis, as close as possible to the natural teeth and especially the equivalent of the other hemi-arch, in order to achieve symmetry in the mouth that will extend to the face and its expression. But something that we sometimes forget is that no matter how aestheti- cally pleasing the prosthesis, it is nothing without a soft tissue that is also as close as possible to the same tooth of the other hemi-arch or to the tooth we have extracted, should this be the case.

This soft tissue is the framework for our prosthesis; it is best to maintain the emergence profile of the natural tooth we are going to extract by placing an immediate implant and a provisional one which provides aesthetics, serves as support for the soft tissue and maintains that profile; if we have to create this ourselves, it is more complicated and time consuming.

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