Bimaxillary dental restoration with post-extraction implants and mandibular immediate loading

Sztuka Implantologii. 2009 Maxillaris. 2006


Objective: Reporting a clinical case of bimaxillary dental restoration with post-extraction dental implants.

Clinical case: A 65-year-old male, moderate smoker, partial edentulism in both arches with advanced periodontal disease on what remains, with exposed root furcation that causes significant tooth mobility (grade II) and requires a definitive treatment for his dental disease, an acceptable immediate cosmetic solution and a final result according to his previous appearance.

During the same surgery, the following will be performed: extraction of all teeth, implant placement of six MG Osseous (Mozo-Grau) maxillary implants and six mandibular implants of the same brand (except at canine level), restoration with immediate complete removable prosthesis in the maxillary and an implant-supported fixed prosthesis to be loaded within 24 hours of surgery, occlusally perforated allowing the exit of the transfers and outstripped with autopolymerising resin.

The permanent ones were two metal-composite hybrids on six implants, gold cylinder directly on the implant with a structure of a seminoble metal, made of three sections, splinted in the mouth and welded later with laser.

Results: A clear facial improvement with comprehensive stomatognathic restoration, which did not cause a significant change in the patient’s appearance, a fact he demanded from the first day he visited the clinic.

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